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Hi, John!
I wanted to report back to you about my experience with the MigraShades.

To recap, I have ocular migraine and scintillating scotoma, complicated by cataracts that are developing in my right eye...


Everyone at MigraShadesTM is dedicated to helping you fight migraine pain. In fact, MigraShades was created by a team of designers, certified optometrists, and — perhaps most importantly — migraine sufferers.

Frustrated by the limitations of existing eyewear, these migraineurs worked with optometrists and designers to create MigraShades: sunglasses designed with the headache sufferer in mind.

Before MigraShades, headache sufferers were forced to settle for sunglasses that weren't dark enough or didn't filter the appropriate types of light. Or, even more typically, less-than-fashionable sunglasses created specifically for activities such as fishing or boating.

Now, with MigraShades, migraineurs can have ophthalmic-grade lenses in their choice of frames designed to be both functional and fashionable. And whether you suffer from occasional headaches or chronic daily migraines, MigraShades will prove to be an invaluable tool in your battle against headache pain.

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